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    Calcium Hypochlorite (Calcium process)

    Calcium Hypochlorite (Calcium Process) Output: 18000MT/Year

    Trade Mark: Double Dolphin
    CAS NO: 7778-54-3
    Chemical Formula: Ca(ClO)2

    Standard: GB/T10666-2008
    Color: white or light grey
    Form: Granular, Powder, Mixed, 1-500g Tablet
    Available Chlorine: 35%, 45%, 60%, 65%±3%

    1. For Bleaching purpose of wood pulp, silk, cloth and fiber
    2. Disinfectant for water treatment and swimming pools
    3. Disinfectant for chemical poisonous and radioactive substance;
    4. Disinfectant in aquaculture, Livestock etc;

    Normal Packing: 45kg/50kg plastic drum or 50kg iron drum

    1. 100kg of calcium hypochlorite 65% into 1 MT of water. The solution will be bleaching liquid at a density of 6.5% effective chlorine.
    2.1% disinfection liquid can be formulated by adding 1.7 g of calcium hypo 65% into 1 MT of water.

    1) High effective chlorine content;
    2) Good stability. Can be stored a long time at normal temperature with little chlorine loss;
    3) Good solubility, less water-insoluble matters


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